Superfan Spotlight November 2018- Drew Stawin

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if you ask us, two words are worth a thousand pictures. Those two words: “Drew Stawin”. Our second Fan Spotlight is on Drew Stawin, a dedicated fan and the man behind the camera for most of our dynamic live photos and promotional shots.

Drew has been photographing us religiously for four years. Sometimes referred to as our “fourth member”, our first meeting was by chance at a charity event. Drew had just picked up the camera after a break from photography when he happened to be documenting the event for a friend. It was love at first shot between his camera and our band. In fact, Drew states that the live session went so well with us that he was encouraged to get back into photography full force.

11/23/2014 - Benefit Show - Where it all started!
11/23/2014 – Benefit Show – Where it all started!

Drew has to his credit never before published photos of Led Zeppelin and Jeff Beck to name a few. The photos speak for themselves!

Drew is quite the prolific photographer and doesn’t limit himself to live performance photography. He has to his credit a multitude of National Geographic quality nature photos.
owl photo by Drew Stawindeer photo by Drew Stawin

Join us in celebrating and appreciating this man of talent who knows how to capture the moment at the perfect time. We think that he knows a good a band when he sees one too! 😉

You can view Drew’s Gallery of high quality photos for purchase here: Drew Stawin Photography