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  1. Executive Order O.D.D. 1:01
  2. Label Killer O.D.D. 1:07
  3. Loud Fighter O.D.D. 1:11
  4. The View O.D.D. 1:28

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Our Reviews

It is groovesome biker rock, blues turned loud and nasty, hard riffing to a muscular beat and a pounding bass line, rock music boiled down to its essence, gimmick free and with no added sugar. It is surly and antagonistic, sure of itself and in your face…isn’t that how rock music is meant to be?Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture |

Overall this is a rock-solid release from O.D.D. that showcases their multi-faceted musicianship, vocal prowess, and songwriting abilities. They add a crisp modern edge to an otherwise classic rock n’ roll sound.The Spin Cycle |

These guys really show that they can create some raw, driving metal that still manages to bring some hooks to the table with this set. This leans toward the modern end of the spectrum, but it has enough nods to old school metal to keep it grounded. Gary Hill, Music Street Journal |

I really freakin’ liked this EP a LOT. For my ears personally, this kind of creativity in hard-rock/alt-metal is not at all tough to enjoy or get in the mood for – I love this kind of energy and ability to mix up a melting pot of rad sounds from music’s history. Sleeping Bag Studios EP Review 11/12/2017 |

The feeling of the instrumentals just gets you, keeping the instrumentals vivid and wild. The guitar riffs, blast beats of the drums, with captivating vocal chords, it brings it altogether. Making it become fierce yet loaded with lots and lots of energy.

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